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Health Care 101


Deductible Plan Glossary

Here are some common terms that can help you understand your deductible plan.Read Article >

Health Care 101


Terms You Should Know

Health care is full of industry-speak. Without knowing the basics, it’s hard to understand how things work. Here are some key terms…Read Article >

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  • Health Care 101
    OCT 19, 2020

    5 health care terms you should know

    ... Read More >

  • man smiling at his phone
    AUG 28, 2019

    Health apps and online tools get superpowered in a connected system

    It’s care and coverage — so it’s different than your other options. Caregivers, hospitals, and health plans all work together to provide you with high-quality care and better outcomes. At Kaiser Permanente, our incentive is to keep our members healthy, not earn more money when they’re sick. We focus on preventive care, chronic disease management programs, and systems that support convenient, efficient care. ... Read More >

  • woman working
    AUG 06, 2019

    HSA vs. FSA – what are the differences? 

    When you’re evaluating health care options for a new job, the employer may offer some choices beyond the type of health insurance you choose. Choosing a plan that’s compatible with a health savings account (HSA) or a flexible spending account (FSA) is a great way to maximize your benefit plan. And with these accounts, you can reduce your tax liability while you save for expected medical expenses. ... Read More >

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    JUL 26, 2019

    10 health insurance questions to ask before accepting a job

    For many people, a self-initiated job change is primarily about the role you’ll have and the pay you’ll receive. But the type of health insurance options available should also be a key factor when you’re considering a job offer. Health insurance can get pretty complex at times, so we’ve put together a list of the top questions you should ask. You’ll get guidance on questions on the following topics: ... Read More >

  • person organizing papers
    JUL 10, 2019

    HMO vs. PPO plans - what are the differences?

    When you’re searching for jobs or considering a job offer, employer-provided health insurance is an important factor. You want to make sure there’s a plan available that meets your family’s health needs, allows you to see your preferred doctors or specialists, and works with your budget. The most common choice you’ll have is between a health maintenance organization (HMO) plan and a preferred provider organization (PPO) plan. ... Read More >